Message from Debra White Plume

March 12, 2013

Greetings all:

It is 37 days until the decision, or a few days longer, if we get the 90 days [until the Obama decision on the XL Pipeline].

We just completed a Moccasins of the Ground Frontline Activist Training here on the Pine Ridge Homeland in collective action with Great Plains Tarsands Resistance and Tarsands Blockade. More than 300 people participated in the 3 day training experience. We had a Water Ceremony conducted by our elders and an Icicuse Ceremony (Making of the Vow) with our Whip Bearer of the Tokala Warrior Soceity. It was very powerful. We are ready to move on in our Tour and need your support as soon as possible.

Every door .  .   . is closing one by one. Soon the only door left open will be direct action. We intend to focus our limited resources on making NVDA (“non-violent direct action”)  training available to the grassroots people on the land in the kxl [Keystone XL] proposed route. 

Please feel free to email me here if any of you are interested in and able to support our NVDA training resistance tour. We sincerely hope you all will be there ready to support us and help us in many ways when the day comes that we have to put our Moccasins to the Ground to defend our sacred water from the kxl oil pipeline. That is when we will need all our allies.


Debra White Plume, Owe Aku, Bring Back the Way